Audio Engineering
Theatrical Audio Engineering
Production Team
Director: Ernie Nolan
Stage Manager: Jack Tanzi
Scenic Design: Scott Leathers
Lighting Design: Scott Leathers
Costume Design: William H. Ditty
Projections Designer: Bill Rios

Photos: Michael Scott Evans
The Lightning Thief
Nashville Children's Theatre - Fall 2021
The Lightning Thief was mixed on a Behringer x32 console using a LCR speaker system in a house big enough to seat 300. All 12 actors were miced with Countryman B6 lavalier microphones and Shure ULXD packs. Instead of being in a pit, the band was placed on platforms directly on stage with the performers. Due to the exposed nature of the band, all band members used IEMs and were direct into the console, and the drummer used an electronic drum kit to keep the noise down. We used the Behringer P16 system so each band member would be able to dial in their own mix.
Hope for Spring
Hope for Spring is an album written and sung by Kalin Hagedorn for her senior music therapy thesis project. It is a concept album that combines the art of songwriting and music therapy research to offer healing for adolescents with depression. Hope For Spring utilizes the iso-principle from music therapy research which is the idea that you meet people where they are at. It works by matching the music to fit the current mood/state of the listener and slowly manipulates the music to bring the them to the desired state. The album starts off in a dark, winter that represents depression and slowly leads into spring which represents hope. This album was recorded in Quonset Hut and Columbia Studio A on Music Row. The album was recorded, mixed, and mastered by myself. Rocco Fiorentino assisted with mixing.

For Anna
For Anna was a student filmed I sound designed and mixed my senior year at Belmont. I worked with the director to sound design the film and oversee any foley or ADR that needed to be complete. I included the first minute of the film as it the hardest to design.
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