Fellow Travelers
University of Cincinnati's College - Conservatory of Music
Spring 2023
Production Team
Director | Daria Zholnerova and Greg Eldridge
Conductor | William R. Langley
Sound Designer | Kaitlin Barnett
Lighting Designer | Baron Leon
Production Stage Manager | Quinn Morgan
Costume Designer | Brittannie McKenna Travis
Wig & Make-Up Designer | Tiara Jones

Photography: Katie Rues
During Fellow Travelers, the audience is a bystander into the lives of those living in
Washington, D.C. during the lavender scare, and we witness the love story between two men during the witch hunts of the McCarthy era. This story is one of pain, longing, and questioning. These people live in very oppressive society, they are constantly being watched and never know when they can be themselves. I want my sound design to reflect that society in the way that they can be “intrusions” on the character’s safety and act as a reminder that they are never truly alone. The challenge will be to figure out how to use the sound effects in tandem with the music without conflicting with the space that the music takes up.

For the system, I planned to experiment by using a line array for this production. My initial plan was to place a single six box array in the center to support the few sound effects involved along with any reinforcement the pit will need. I ended up hanging a single five box center array of d&b T10s. I supplemented the array with two fills to provide a coverage to the outskirts of the seating that is being missed by the line array. My goal is for the sound to seem like it is coming from on stage. This is a very intimate and moving story and I want everything to be contained within the world. I used this production as an opportunity to learn and explore both opera and tuning line arrays.

Pre-Show Sequence
To aid the audience to get into the world of the show, the pre-show sequence consisted of an combination of political speeches revolving around war and communism ranging from the 1930 - 1960s. These speeches overlapped to create a sense of discomfort for those listening. We wanted to create an almost "radio" effect that built up to the "Presidential" curtain speech.
Preshow "Presidential" Speech
Speech Sequence
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